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  June 19, 2018  
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Water Supply
Potable Water Supply, Treatment, Storage and Distribution
The Wasco Sanitary District (WSD) is served by three wells, one elevated storage tank and one water treatment plant to facilitate radium removal. The water distribution system has been constructed as a function of land development over the course of approximately 14 years.

The average daily demand / pumpage for the last 12 months is approximately 350,000 gallon per day. The peak day water demand can be represented by the most water pumped on a single day. It is determined through discussion with the former WSD operator that the most water pumped in a single day occurred in 2007 and is approximately 900,000 gallons.

Wells: – The WSD currently operates three wells with design capacities as noted below:
Well 1 – 400 gpm (Gallons Per Minute)
Well 2 – 400 gpm
Well 3 – 600 gpm (with the ability to expand to 1000 gpm)

Wells one and two are drilled into the St. Peter Sandstone and well three is drilled into Galesville Limestone/ Sandstone. The maximum capacity of the system from a well perspective is 1400 gpm with the ability to expand to 1800 gpm.

The WSD has one elevated storage tank with a capacity of 400,000 gallons. All water pumped from the three wells is treated for Radium removal through an ion exchange process. Three filters are located in a single building near well 2.
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